V&D will not be able to relaunch

V&D will not be able to relaunch

V&D and La Place's guardians informed they have been unable to relaunch the V&D department stores. This means that only the external La Place locations were sold to Jumbo and that the intended V&D Group relaunch failed.

Hudson’s Bay is up

Roland Kahn confirms the failure: "Unfortunately, we have to conclude that we have been unable to get all parties involved aligned. We mostly feel sorry for all the V&D employees."

Jumbo, which acquired all the independent La Place locations, also regrets the turn of events and says it will not be able to continue the La Place locations in former V&D department stores either at this point. "Obviously, we will look towards new possibilities for these La Place locations, as it is a very strong formula and meets a large need in the Dutch inner-cities."

This is the end of the line for V&D and the brand will disappear from the Dutch shopping streets. Only Canadian department store chain Hudson's Bay is interested in V&D locations, but it will install its own department store chain there.