Belgian Jumbo stores outstrip expectations

Opening of the first Belgian Jumbo, Pelt
Foto Jumbo

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has exceeded all expectations with its first three stores in Belgium: each of the stores is reported to have had average weekly turnovers of 350,000 euros. Jumbo however chose not to confirm the results.


Despite fierce competition

The figures, attributed to "various interal sources" by Distrifood, are significantly higher than those of their Dutch counterparts, although the latter are often a lot smaller than the average size of 2000 sqm of the three Belgian Jumbo stores.


The retailer chose not to comment on the figures, but CFO Ton Van Veen had stated a few weeks ago that his first Belgian store, in Pelt, performed 50 % better than expected and "turnover exceeded our wildest expectations".


After Jumbo Pelt opened on 6 November, the Dutch chain has opened two more stores in Belgium (Rijkevorsel and Lanaken). Both stores' results came despite of the fierce competition at their locations, courtesy of their low pricing (aligning themselves with Colruyt, which has a lowest price guarantee, and under its arch rival Albert Heijn). Next year, Jumbo hopes to open a dozen Belgian stores, the long-term goal stands at a hundred.