No smooth sailing for Pinterest sales

No smooth sailing for Pinterest sales

A while back, Pinterest enabled the option to sell products on the social network thanks to special cards, but according to American department store chain Macy's, very few users actually do it.


"There’s still a lot of Pinterest users who don’t understand how they work", group vice president of digital media strategy Serena Potter said. The department store chain started using the pins as soon as Pinterest added them to its platform, but noted most of the Pinterest users still see it as a means to discover items and to get inspiration.


However, Macy's has not given up on the possibilities: during the holiday period, the chain will use an ad campaign that focuses heavily on social media, like video ads on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest. When Pinteresters click the ad, they will get an overview of product pins featured in the ad. This should inspire and eventually lead to purchases.